“Queens can also be slaves”: A scenario that expores the issues of slavery, servitude and forced labour inspired by the article 4 of the European Convention of Himan Rights

Right to Silence and Freedom of Opinion: Starting from The Emperor’s New Suit by Andersen, the educational scenario explores the right to silence. Is it right to lie publicly, knowing that you are doing it, to safeguard your own and others’ good?

The Peer help as an instrument for increasing citizenship skills: Educational scenario that explores the right to solidarity. Helping others is important and can be done in any situation and at any age. Sometimes, however, helping someone becomes a substitute for that person, without allowing them to have their own times and ways to learn and grow. What does it really mean to help someone?

Conflicts: Educational scenario that explores the concept of conflict. Is conflict always a negative thing? Is it possible to resolve a conflict in a constructive way? Is it possible to exit from a conflict without winners or losers?

Human Rights: Are we always aware of the consequences of our actions? Are there rights that are valid for all the humen around the world? Is it possible that some rights are more important than others?

Gang Culture: Educational scenario that explores issues related with the gang culture. Should I do things I’m unhappy with, to stay in the gang? Is acceptance a good reason to take risks? Who is to blame for pressurizing gang members?