Mentortec is a business accelerator focused on the promotion and sustainable growth of start-ups and enterprises, as well as on the establishment of business cooperation relationships between entrepreneurs and new start-ups and companies from different countries. As business accelerator, Mentortec provide a set of services fostering the support of (new or wannabe) entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants, SMEs and business owners in the identification of opportunities for innovation, sustainable growth and business cooperation relationships at National and International levels.

This business accelerator also acts as a certified training provider to its clients, including business organisations (e.g. start-ups, SMEs, incubators and other organisations supporting entrepreneurship), educational & training providers (e.g. vocational education and training providers, schools, high education institutions) and professionals (e.g. consultants, mentors, trainers, tutors, teachers and counsellors), especially in the field of creativity & motivation, ideas generation & maturation, spotting new opportunities, capacity building & competences acquisition/development, networking, communication & cooperation with key-partners. Through its highly experienced trainers, consultants and mentors, Mentortec has a strong profile and competencies to operate and expedite on the various phases of the training cycle.

Mentortec has its services’ portfolio structured in four major areas: mentoring, business acceleration, personal consultancy and training. These areas are complementary and ensure a full coverage and support through the entire business value chains, which increases the possibility of success for each start-up/entrepreneur or company supported.


Through its network of mentors, Mentortec keeps an open and close dialogue with young entrepreneurs, clarifying their doubts, giving them advices regarding the market constraints, pointing them possible business opportunities, helping them identifying the weaknesses of their business ideas/start-ups and taking advantage of its strengths, in order to drive their business idea straight ahead to the market with significant chances to make them successful businessmen in a near future.

Business Acceleration

Mentortec cooperates with several start-ups with the goal of strengthening its potential to become a success case in the entrepreneurial world. To do so, Mentortec bases its work on real and reliable assumptions and delivers a structured and integrated approach where feasible actions are defined and scheduled in time. These actions are only the first possibilities to be considered, but they’re flexible enough to be readjusted according to market evolution and demands. Thus, Mentortec – while anticipating hostile scenarios and defining contingency plans – minimizes the risks and highly increases the possibilities of success for the start-ups.

Personalised consultancy

Through its specialized team of highly qualified professionals, Mentortec provides entrepreneurs with personal consultancy addressing the different stages of each business. The goal is to decrease the time between the idea statement and the business establishment and to do so, Mentortec supports entrepreneurs identifying business and cooperation opportunities, financial programs and research and development opportunities that allow entrepreneurs to become more competitive and/or solid in the targeted market.

Training at your service

Mentortec is a certified training provider with a mission of promoting the growth of the competitive capacity of SMEs, through the implementation of tailored training activities that lead to the development of competences. As a training company of excellence, the company sets itself to be an agent of change, supporting the development of companies, promoting the improvement of the qualifications of its professionals through education, training and consultancy, allowing a fast adaptation to more-than-ever demanding and global settings. As such, Mentortec acts along various strands related with the production and delivery of effective training solutions, of which we highlight:

• Needs analysis near the target-groups (potential end-users);
• Definition of learning opportunities through the identification of competencies;
• Creation of learning materials in several formats (e-learning included);
• Selection and recruitment of trainers;
• Evaluation and assessment of training performance.

Side by side with the provision of services in the fields of entrepreneurship, consultancy and training, Mentortec is deeply committed with the accomplishment of sustainable and fruitful results in educational, training and entrepreneurial initiatives. Having a structure oriented towards the different European Programmes, Mentortec has participated and coordinated more than 15 projects over the past years.