Personal Life

“The Life of Others”: An educational scenario that explores issues related with the right to respect for one’s privacy. To what extent can the state invade our privacy and information? Which issues related with privacy can arise with the use of the social media?

The importance of fear in the construction of experience: An educational scenario, based on the novel on Baubau written by Dino Buzzati which explores the right to feel fear. When is it right to be afraid in your daily life?

“You are not alone”: An educational scenario about loneliness. Should we ask for help when having negative feelings/emotions even considering that is common to have negative feelings/emotions in adolescence? Should we talk to someone else when we know a colleague that is lonely/socially isolated even if the colleague doesn’t want us to do it? Should we respect his/her right to privacy even if we consider that the colleague needs support?

“Beautiful: An educational scenario about body image. Should we change our diet to achieve the body image that society and the media define as perfect even if we have healthy and balanced eating habits? Should we change our body appearance to impress our friends even if we have a positive body image of ourselves? Do you think your friends will like you most if you look different?

Moving Schools: An educational scenario about change. How can we face our fears when facing change? What can we do to create these positive outcomes?

Losing a Loved One: An educational scenario related with the grief. Should we follow the society’s norms for grief or are we able to mourn the way we wish?