“Do not push me!”: A scenario for higher education students (13-15 years old) on bullying at school. How strict should a bully be punished?  Should we cover the bullying when happens for the first time, hoping that it will never again happen? How can a bully be helped, as he/she  might be a victim in the past?

Bullying: An educational scenario that explores the power relations in the members of a community and how this can lead to bullying.

The right to education: An educational scenario which, starting from the film “Dead Poets’ Society”, explores issues related with the value of education, the connection between education and vocation, the purposes of education as opposed to the education practices etc.

“Education and freedom of thought”: The right to curiosity. Is it possible to have an authentic and equal exchange between the teacher and the learner by remaining within an institutional structure with roles, judgments, votes and formalities of a certain type?

Art and ethics: How citizenship education has evolved through the ages. The Greek myth of the kidnapping of Helena: The individual interest in front of the collective one. The biblical story of the judgment of Salomon: Strategies to discover the true in a specific case. The wedding by force: Relationship between feelings, human relationship and economy. Charlie Hebdo and Mahoma: The freedom of expression.

Autonomy: Since when we have been learning things?  – Can we learn things only at school? – Do we learn everything in the same way? Do we learn from ourselves or with other people help? What does it mean to be autonomous in the learning process?