WUSMED is a politically independent association committed to academic freedom and the encouraging of the potential of academic cooperation and international relations.

Our vision is to be the competent partner for the development of higher education as key factor for socio-economic and political advancement of societies implementing projects mainly in the Mediterranean Basin, but also with educational organization in any country in the world.

We stand out as basic and fundamental objectives that are given below:

• To promote, coordinate, develop and evaluate activities in international cooperation for sustainable human development in the Mediterranean countries.

• Develop education, training, communication and research that are directed to respond to the needs of the social, economic and cultural development focusing specially on issues of common interest with the in the Mediterranean countries.

• Collaborate in the creation and management of centres for teaching, research, development and innovation to help achieve the goals of WUS MED.

• Enhance knowledge transfer from the University through advice, encouragement and possible participation in companies for the use, dissemination and commercialization of knowledge.

• Participate and activate various research projects in the areas of the own work of WUSMED and that are of interest to institutions, universities, NGOs for Development and companies from both continents.

• Organize activities and disseminate information such as scholarships, prizes, contests, seminars, courses, seminars, conferences, academic meetings and other events.

Specific areas of knowledge:



– Family business, entrepreneurship, business innovation and business values.
– Product, service and organizational innovation management and entrepreneurship.
– Innovation management and technology transfer; business administration; university business link; role of the University in the society.
– Project management, coordination and financial management.


– Water, territory and sustainability. Landscape ecology. Sustainable development.
– Oceanography, coastal management, environmental protection. Amaya Soto.


– Curriculum Development and Competence Based Teaching.
– Development of quality, relevance and internationalization of policies, institutions and tertiary education programs.


Website: https://wusmed.org